Most commercial açaí production is in Brazil, where it is a native species. [Photo by Ubirajara Machado CC BY-SA]


/ ˌæsaɪˈi / noun

a small, round, dark purple fruit from the Amazon that can be eaten as a frozen pulp or drunk as a juice:
The reputed health-giving properties of açaí berries make them the latest must-eat superfood.

Aedes aegypti


The Aedes aegypti mosquito is implicated in the transmission of Zika. [Army Doctor CC BY 2.0]

Aedes aegypti

/ eɪˌidiz ᵻˈdʒɪptaɪ / noun

a species of mosquito that lives in tropical regions. It is responsible for transmitting several viruses including dengue, yellow fever, and Zika:
Aedes aegypti has been genetically modified to produce sterile offspring, in an effort to eradicate the species.



In the analogue age, calculations took much longer.


/ ˈænəlɒɡ / adjective

Analogue is spelled analog in North America.

Analogue devices, recordings, etc. use a system of continually changing signals and are not digital:
Analogue recordings from the 60s and 70s are being remastered for a digital age.

Analogue can also be used to refer to ways of doing things that do not involve computers:
It’s more efficient to have business meetings the analogue way: face to face.

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