Dendrochronology provides archaeologists with valuable information.


/ dɛndrokrəˈnɒlədʒi / noun

a way of finding the age of things by examining the growth rings in wood:
Dendrochronology has given a date for the foundations of 1400–1450.

The adjective is dendrochronological:
Dendrochronological dating of these burial sites has not been straightforward.

digital native


Digital natives prefer texting to talking.

digital native

/ ˌdɪdʒᵻtəl ˈneɪtᵻv / noun

a person who grew up using computers, smartphones, etc., and uses them in a way that is completely natural:
Digital natives seem to have the ability to learn new applications with ease.

The opposite is digital immigrant:
Don’t write old people off as digital immigrants – some of us are more tech-savvy than the youngsters!

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Mind you don’t walk into anything when you’re dumbwalking.


/ ˈdʌmwɔk / verb

to walk along without looking where you are going while using your phone:
I just saw two people dumbwalk into each other.

A person who is walking like this is called a dumbwalker:
Dumbwalkers are taking their life into their hands when they cross the road.

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