If you see a message like this on your screen, you’ll know you’ve been infected with ransomware. [photo by Christiaan Colen CC BY-SA 2.0]


/ ˈrænsəmwɛər / noun

a computer program that installs itself on a computer or smart device, stops it from working correctly, and demands a payment to make it work again:
I had to pay 50 bitcoins to get rid of the ransomware on my phone.

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Rhotic speakers pronounce the r in car.


/ ˈrotɪk / adjective

Rhotic accents or pronunciations are ones in which the sound r is pronounced when it is not followed by a vowel, for example in car and cart:
Rhotic accents include General American and Scottish English.

Another word for rhotic is r-ful:
People from southwest England often have r-ful accents.

The opposite of rhotic is non-rhotic or r-less:
The standard English of England is generally r-less.