a Brazilian samba dancer


/ ˈsæmbə / noun

a lively Brazilian dance, or the music associated with this dance:
I go to samba classes once a week. | The crowd were dancing to lively samba music.

Samba is also a verb:
Can you teach me to samba like a Brazilian?

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Shopping lists will be a thing of the past when you have a smart fridge.


/ smɑrt / adjective

Smart devices can be operated using the internet:
Smart technology allows you to switch on your air conditioning at home when you’re still at the office. | When you’re running low on milk, your smart fridge will notice and automatically order more from the supermarket.

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There’s a convention for everyone, even steampunk aficionados. [photo by Nathan Forget CC BY 2.0]


/ ˈstimpʌŋk / noun

a visual style that uses elements from the time before computers were invented, combined in a way that would not have been possible at that time:
Steampunk style appeals to alternative types who reject mainstream fashion.

Steampunk is also a type of literature or movie-making that uses steampunk imagery and ideas:
Adams has already self-published a series of steampunk graphic novels.

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